Helga Du Rand loves the creative process of refurbishing jewellery at Scarab Jewellery Studio

Refurbishing Jewellery is one of the most important things we do at Scarab Jewellery Studio – it’s at the very heart of our brand ethos. Helga understands and enjoys this process. Here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t remember when I first met Janine. She says I phoned and asked her to make me something when I lived in Durban; and that was 18 years ago. She must be right as she is the boss lady, after all!”
In 2005, Helga was walking around Cavendish and found Scarab’s shop and bought her daughter a few pieces of jewellery. She recalls buying a few more pieces of jewellery for a few years after for her daughter and would always phone Scarab if she wanted Janine to custom-make a piece – “Although, I had yet to meet her.”
“Despite the distance, Janine always ‘got me’. I would ask her to make something, explaining over the phone, and when I received my beautiful piece of jewellery, it was exactly how I’d pictured it.
Then in 2013, I found her current studio in Cavendish Road. I walked in, introduced myself, and it was downhill from there. Martin always jokes that when Janine sees me, she envisages her bond repayments, her holiday, her retirement… I have a Scarab savings account and every month I do an EFT. I adore Scarab. I love bling and somehow just can’t have enough beautiful Scarab jewellery. I have to confess that I’m totally addicted. Since September 2013, Janine has been refurbishing all my old jewellery and boy, have we had fun! I love the creative process of refurbishing jewellery at Scarab. We’ve even reached a barter system where I receive Scarab jewellery in exchange for remodelling her garden, among other things.
Martin knows he’s not allowed to buy me household appliances for my birthday, or Valentine’s Day, our wedding anniversary, for Christmas or even Mother’s Day. He has strict instructions to ask Janine what’s on my Scarab Needs List. He is sent the updated list with pics and prices and he purchases the
items according to what suits his pocket.
Janine, in a way, is a Dream Catcher. She catches our dreams and makes them come true.”

“I love bling and somehow just can’t have enough beautiful Scarab jewellery.”


As part of our 25 Years Celebration - we highlight the personal stories of our customers

To celebrate 25 years of jewellery making, Scarab hosted a very special exhibition at Irma Stern Museum – The exhibition was a story line retrospective showcasing 25 years of crafting jewellery and personal relationships. These are their stories interwoven with ours.


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Hand-made 9 carat white gold diamond ring with single faceted round diamond set in polished 18 carat yellow gold.

White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring by Scarab Jewellery Studio


Solid 9 carat white gold scalloped tube eternity ring with 24 x 0.04 carat diamonds

white pearl choker necklace by Scarab Jewellery Studio


Hhandmade white pearl choker necklace with blackened wirework. Finished with scarab trinket and fob clasp in solid silver.