Patti Cleveland enjoys the special customer service at Scarab Jewellery Studio


As part of our 25 Years Celebration - we highlight the personal stories of our customers

To celebrate 25 years of jewellery making, Scarab hosted a very special exhibition at Irma Stern Museum – The exhibition was a story line retrospective showcasing 25 years of crafting jewellery and personal relationships. These are their stories interwoven with ours.


“My first memory of Scarab was coveting an enormous gorgeous silver Scarab beetle that Debbie Hutchings was wearing. Delighted to hear that it was within my reach, I made my tentative steps into the Scarab Jewellery shop (then in Observatory) and stepped into a treasure trove. I bought a Belcher chain and my own Scarab beetle … and, since then, so much more.

I think the daisy earrings came next, but Scarab became a family institution; with two daughters and a wife, my husband Colin was never left wondering what to buy for any occasion. He’d pop in to Scarab and Janine would say, ‘Patti (or Nicky, or Deb) has got that.’

My goddaughter, Justi Wall in the UK, is also on the ‘family list’ with several bracelets. My 60th birthday was marked by a spectacular silver link necklace, a heart-stopping surprise from my children and spouse. I have earrings galore, more than one pair of ears can cope with, but how can I resist? On one of Debbie’s trips to Hong Kong, she bought some very odd-shaped glaringly green pearls. Janine magically transformed them into a necklace on a blackened silver chain, interspersed with peridots.

And so it goes on, with incredible people behind the scenes, making magical items that bring joy. Thank you to you all! Not to mention the special customer service you render by polishing all our beautiful silver. I really enjoy the knowing smiles of strangers as they recognise a Scarab piece. If I should have to walk with a stick one day, I hope Janine can custom-make a special silver handle.

God bless!”

DID YOU KNOW: The Scarab was chosen as our brand identity because of its ability to recycle? If you would like to know how old jewellery can be remodelled into new – Contact us to quote on remodelling your old jewellery into something new and glamourous…

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