Wedding Jewellery South Africa – The Blushing Bride

Wedding Jewellery South Africa – The Blushing Bride of the 21st Century is no longer restricted to convention – Say “I Do” to Rose Gold, White Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver and coloured gemstones and live happily ever after.

So, he popped the big question and you said “YES!” and now you have to figure out what you’re going to wear, which seems like the biggest hurdle, but accessorising is actually what brides rack their brains over more often than you would think. Brides all over the world think about what colour metals they should be using and which stones to have within your piece of jewellery. The main metals to choose from are, yellow, white or red while stone colours are just about endless.

After you choose the right metals for your jewellery, you now have to think about the stones or gems that will be going into these pieces of jewellery. You could go with diamonds, which is the most common stone people put in their jewellery for their wedding day, primarily because most engagement rings have diamonds in them. Another reason is that diamonds are tremendously traditional not to mention, “a girl’s best friend”.
Having said this, life does favour the adventurous and there are other alternatives to this.

Choosing the right metal to match your wedding gown

When a bride is searching for the right wedding gown they tend towards considering the style and the feel of the gown when wearing it. Traditionally the colour choice of a wedding gown is of course, white. If you’re one of the many brides out there that choose white for your wedding gown, you’ll likely to choose Silver or White Gold as your metals of choice.
This is because, customarily, white gold matches much better with a white wedding gown rather than yellow gold, bracelets, necklaces or earrings. We would like to suggest, that brides explore the unconventional, perhaps a little daring choice of rose or yellow gold to wear with your beautiful white wedding gown. You will be the envy of your valley and your look absolutely unique. We have a few suggestions here.

Not every gem and stone is created equal, or so they say.

Just as we mentioned before, most people will opt for diamond wedding jewellery because their engagement ring would predominately be made with diamonds. Again, this is your exceptional day and we certainly do not believe in the conventional or walking the isle of equality. Yes, shock and horror, we even go as far as to suggest a top-quality colour gem stone as your engagement ring.
But let’s get back to your wedding day jewels. Colour is a very strong element in the design of your day. Matching your jewellery with your colour pallet adds a considered touch of continuity. Consider the wonderful range of natural colour gem jewellery to match your wedding bouquet or your partners outfit.

Pearls certainly need a mention here and are available in a huge variety of sizes and colours. We love the versatility of pearls. Wedding jewels made of pearls will be treasured by you for many years to come.

In the end, the choice is really up to you and what your preferences are on your day. With time and planning you are sure to find that perfect wedding jewel. You’ll look great on your special day everything will be amazing! Enjoy the journey.

Rose Quartz Briolette Seed Pearl Necklace on Model by Scarab Jewellery Studio

Rose Quartz Briolette Seed Pearl Necklace

Morganite Gold Scroll Ring by Scarab Jewellery Studio

Morganite Gold Scroll Ring

Seed Pearl Cameo Bracelet by Scarab Jewellery Studio

Seed Pearl Cameo Bracelet

Rose Quartz Silver Heart Locket Necklace by Scarab Jewellery Studio

Rose Quartz Silver Heart Locket Necklace

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