Moonstone and Amazonite – The Feldspar Group

Amazonite and Moonstone are quite rare and are classified under the Feldspar family of minerals. Although “common feldspar” is quite widely used as a mineral additive used in glassmaking and paint manufacture, the crystal part of the family suitable for jewellery is even rarer than Diamonds. Labradorite also falls under this family of Feldspar Gems.

Amazonite Cabouchon polished

The name derives from “Amazon”.  It is a distinctive green/blue opaque stone almost always cut “en cabouchon”.  It can be confused with Jade and Turquoise.

moonstone cabouchon
This is one of my favourite stones.  It has a subtle beauty that grows on you. They come in shades of white, orange and green/grey.  The name derives from its “sheen” that is caused by its “lamella” structure. You also find “rainbow” moonstones which have an “opalescence”. These tend to be more expensive, especially the very clean stones.