Remodelling Jewellery South Africa: Dee Lynham loves how Janine redesigned her mother’s Yellow Diamond Brooch…

Remodelling jewellery for unique personalities is what Scarab Jewellery Studio does best – it’s at the very heart of our brand ethos. Dee Lynham enjoys the creativity of Janine Davidson and how she interprets her personality into every piece. Here’s Dee’s story:

“Dee sat down with us and dished the details. Which is ironic really, as she insists she isn’t really keen on bringing any attention to herself.
I’m originally from Johannesburg and settled in Cape Town before I was married. I’d studied a BComm in Economics and met my Irish husband, Mark, through a friend. Family is important to me; I have three daughters and currently volunteer at St Luke’s Hospice in Kenilworth. I first encountered the Scarab team in Observatory and find Janine an extremely comfortable person to be around, someone who understands exactly what I want from my jewellery. All the important moments in my life have been marked with gifts of Scarab jewellery.
Earlier in 2016, my mother passed away and I inherited a large yellow diamond brooch. I met with Janine to discuss different designs and Scarab remodelled the brooch into various items for myself and my daughters. Janine understand me and that I prefer understated items, or quieter pieces.”
While chatting to us, Dee plays with her chains around her neck – one is a delicate gold chain with diamonds, the originals from her mom’s brooch. The other is a pearl necklace with different coloured stones which she and Mark designed with help from Janine.
“My very first piece from Scarab was a set of peridot earrings from Mark. My three brothers’ wives have also received gifts bought at Scarab. My brothers’ gift to me on my 50th was a beautiful gold necklace with scarabs.”

“All the important moments in my life have been marked with gifts of Scarab jewellery.”


As part of our 25 Years Celebration - we highlight the personal stories of our customers

To celebrate 25 years of jewellery making, Scarab hosted a very special exhibition at Irma Stern Museum – The exhibition was a story line retrospective showcasing 25 years of crafting jewellery and personal relationships. These are their stories interwoven with ours.


Janine Davidson loves designing or re-designing pieces that are uniquely suited to your personality. If you would like to enquire about remodelling your jewellery pieces by Janine, use the link below to contact her directly.

Remodelling Jewellery Design Enquiry

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White Gold Diamond Eternity Ring by Scarab Jewellery Studio


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white pearl choker necklace by Scarab Jewellery Studio


Hhandmade white pearl choker necklace with blackened wirework. Finished with scarab trinket and fob clasp in solid silver.