Ideas for Unique Wedding Rings Sets

Shopping for a wedding ring can be overwhelming. The thought of making the right decision about what stones to use, be it diamonds, gemstones or a combination thereof, not to mention metal choices, silver, gold or platinum, will keep the bridal couple out of their beauty sleep for weeks if not months.

A wedding ring that will grace your engagement needs to be not only dazzlingly beautiful – but also unique. Displaying your own freedom to create a bold statement of who you are and the importance of your commitment to each other. With uniqueness in mind, meaning you follow your own path, maybe even slightly left off centre. With freedom in mind, meaning you can create any wish to fit your budget.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but gemstones can also tantalise and delight. If you are looking for a large centre stone to perch on your finger and the cost of a large diamond is a bit of a stretch, why not consider gemstone? They are available in a huge variety of colours, sizes and cuts. They are certainly easy on the eye and even easier on the pocket. Gemstones are not as hard as diamonds so do remember to consider your daily activities when making your choices.

If it’s a definite diamond look you have your heart set on but once again you have to do too many sums, you may want to consider smaller diamonds. Smaller diamonds look fantastic if you cluster them together in the centre of the ring. Lots of sparkle and bling, a sure show stopper.

Now after all that decision making don’t forget the power of your wedding band. Exchanging wedding bands is an ancient practice dating back to the Roman times. During the ceremony the groom gave a plain iron ring to the family of the bride as a symbol of his commitment and support to the bride. You don’t have to use iron of cause. Your wedding band is the perfect enhancer to your engagement ring. It can be a playful experience of mixed metal colours, shape, with diamonds or more than one band to be worn stacked.

Last tip, start the process early. Do your homework about who is out there to help you make your dream come true. Speak to your friends who have had good experiences. Take note of the styling and workmanship of their rings. Word of mouth is still a good bet whenever you are spending your hard earned cash. Most of all you need to have fun with this journey and cherish the process of finding your perfect adornment.

Let us help you navigate this important part of your new life together – we’d love to discuss some ideas for unique wedding rings sets.