Alexis Roberts says Janine is a jewellery designer who understands me


As part of our 25 Years Celebration - we highlight the personal stories of our customers

To celebrate 25 years of jewellery making, Scarab hosted a very special exhibition at Irma Stern Museum – The exhibition was a story line retrospective showcasing 25 years of crafting jewellery and personal relationships. These are their stories interwoven with ours.


Alexis is a down-to-earth surf and sun worshipper. She left her job as a film producer in the media industry to adopt a less frenetic lifestyle. Three years ago, she traded in her Prada ware, bought a few surfboards and headed into the ocean to ride the waves.

“I am honest about my limits and stay away from the short boards. I prefer my old classic single-fin, retro long board. My home in St James overlooks the sea and it’s a short hop to Muizenberg beach where you’ll find me most mornings with my diamond rings on my finger. I can’t take them off anymore and they don’t bother me in the surf. Janine was on a buying trip in Hong Kong and I asked her to buy me a rock. WhatsApp pictures were flying back and forth from the East. I eventually settled on the square cut diamond and Scarab designed my diamond ring with baguettes and tapered diamonds on the side.

My very first piece was a pair of gold daisy earrings. Over the years, Janine has made loads of pieces: a peridot cross necklace, then a seed pearl necklace with a diamond cross. I trust Janine as she knows exactly what I like: understated, not heavy, delicate but wearable.

Years ago, while I was in Paris, I tried to buy a rosary-style necklace. I’d seen something similar and was desperate to buy one. I couldn’t find anything and on my return, I mentioned it to Janine. It was just at that time that Scarab brought out their seed pearl, rosary-type design. I supplied the diamond cross and my piece was manufactured.

More recently, Scarab designed my stacking rose gold diamond rings; and for my 50th, I ordered a diamond band with stones from a previous ring. Janine and I share a passion for old-cut diamonds. My daughter also owns a few Scarab pieces but she jokes that she can’t wait for me to kick the bucket as she will inherit all my jewellery. She teases that I may get taken out by a shark off Muizenberg and my diamonds will land at the bottom of the ocean.”

Alexis couldn’t contain herself when we asked: “Janine is like-minded, on-it, we share the same tastes and get excited about the same things, she’s fun, open, talented and very real. I never feel like I’m being humoured, I trust her, I love her spontaneity, she’s hip and knows what’s cool, funny, completely real. She has an innate sense of who you are and is able to interpret that.”

DID YOU KNOW: The Scarab was chosen as our brand identity because of its ability to recycle? If you would like to know how old jewellery can be remodelled into new – Contact us to quote on remodelling your old jewellery into something new and glamourous…

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